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[New Game] Watch out Eggy


Hi Friends,

Today I am going to let you know about a new game. I installed a game named ‘Watch out Eggy Free’ from the App store. It’s an adventure game with the flavor of puzzle. Basically I love adventure games, but suddenly I have found something more in the game! This game is a complete package of adventure, puzzle and action! Though, at the very first look, I thought this game looked like ‘Cut the Rope’, but as I progress in the game I have found that ‘Watch out Eggy’ is a unique game. You have to take challenges with lasers, the holes, even the stairs where I thought stairs might be a friend of mine. The ‘Cracked’ bundle totally amused me! I mean who is going to think that you have to play with your nerves in a mobile game! I must say, “Make insurance for your iPhone”.

Game icon:

iTunes Download Link: Free version

However ‘Watch out Eggy’ gives me a lot of fun. You should try this and give me a like for the post. Right now I am playing ‘Watch out Eggy’ [Full Version]. What are you playing?

Game play video:

Some Screen shots: